FESTO cylinder ADVU-50-80-APA 156644



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 Data sheet

Technical data
Stroke [mm] 80
Piston diameter 50 mm
Dampening P: Elastic silencer rings / plates double-sided
installation position arbitrary
Principle of operation double acting
Piston rod end Male thread
Construction set up Piston piston rod
Position detection For proximity switch
Variants One-sided piston rod
Operating pressure [bar] 0.8 to 10
Operating medium Compressed air to ISO 8573-1:2010 [7:4:4]
Information about operating and control medium Oiled operation possible (required in further operations)
Corrosion resistant class KBK 2 – moderate corrosion stress
ambient temperature [°C] -20 to 80
Impact energy at the end positions [J] 0,64
Theoretical force at 6 bar, Return flow [N] 1.057
Theoretical force at 6 bar, flow [N] 1.178
Moving mass at 0 mm stroke [g] 112
Weight supplement per 10 mm stroke [g] 72
Base weight at 0 mm stroke [g] 560
Supplement moved mass per 10 mm stroke [g] 16
Fastening type With throughway bores With Accessories Selectively:
Pneumatic connection G1/8
Flush screw material  Zinc plated steel
Cover material Aluminium wrought alloy
Dynamic seals material NBR TPE-U(PU)
Piston rod material High-alloyed steel
Cylinder tube material Aluminium wrought alloy
Further information on OT-FESTO001894
Weight 1 kg / Pcs
GTIN 4052568118983
Customs duty number 84123100
Manufacturer Festo