LETATWIN LM-550A/PC Electronic Lettering Machine




Electronic Lettering Machine

MAX LM-550A Tube Marking Machine for cable and panel marking jobs. The LM-550A has an enhanced feeding system that provides you with marking speed at 40mm/sec. Developed for maximizing cable marking job productivity.



Description Size Package
ECONOMICAL INK RIBBON LM-IR50B BLACK 110m/roll 10rolls/box
FOR HEAT SHRINK TUBE LM-IR50BP BLACK 110m/roll 10rolls/box
LM-IR50W WHITE 70m/roll 10rolls/box
INK RIBBON CASE LM-RC500 20pcs./carton
HIGH QUALITY PVC TUBE FOR LM-550A LM-TU432L White 3.2mm dia. x 200m/roll 1roll/box
LM-TU436L White 3.6mm dia. x 200m/roll 1roll/box
LM-TU442L White 4.2mm dia. x 200m/roll 1roll/box
LM-TU452L White 5.2mm dia. x 135m/roll 1roll/box
LM-TU464L White 6.4mm dia. x 100m/roll 1roll/box
LM-TU480L White 8.0mm dia. x 70m/roll 1roll/box
UL RECOGNIZED TUBE FOR LM-550A LM-TU332N2 White 3.2mm dia. x 100m/roll 1roll/box
LM-TU336N2 White 3.6mm dia. x 100m/roll 1roll/box
LM-TU342N2 White 4.2mm dia. x 80m/roll 1roll/box
LM-TU352N2 White 5.2mm dia. x 80m/roll 1roll/box
TAPE CASSETTE FOR LM-550A LM-TP505W(White) 5mm(W) x 16m(L)/pc. 10pcs./box
LM-TP505Y(Yellow) 5mm(W) x 8m(L)/pc. 10pcs./box
LM-TP505T(Transparent) 5mm(W) x 8m(L)/pc. 10pcs./box
LM-TP509W(White) 9mm(W) x 16m(L)/pc. 10pcs./box
LM-TP509Y(Yellow) 9mm(W) x 8m(L)/pc. 10pcs./box
LM-TP509T(Transparent) 9mm(W) x 8m(L)/pc. 10pcs./box
LM-TP512W(White) 12mm(W) x 16m(L)/pc. 10pcs./box
LM-TP512Y(Yellow) 12mm(W) x 8m(L)/pc. 10pcs./box